What is Going on Today

*Open to University. **Open to Public.

8.30-5.00.--Polls open for Brooks House elections.

8.45.**--Morning prayers in Appleton Chapel by Rt. Rev. William Boyd-Carpenter.

4.00.**--Winter Carnival on board track behind Langdell Hall.

6.00.--1914 Senior Dormitory second applications close.

7.00.--Candidates for CRIMSON report in Crimson Office.

8.00.**--William Belden Noble Lecture on "Dante's Verdict on Life: its Significance and Value. II. The Influences in His Life," by Rt. Rev. W. Boyd-Carpenter, in New Lecture Hall.

8.30.--Hockey with Yale in New York.

9.00.--Professor Copeland in Union, "Extemporaneous Speaking."