Three University Gymnasts Will Go to Princeton to Compete.

The annual intercollegiate gymnastic meet will be held at Princeton on March 28, and not on March 22, as previously announced. Of the twelve men on the University gymnastic squad, but three will be entered in the intercollegiates: J. R. Morton '13, captain, on the side-horse and parallel bars; M. F. Gates '15, on the horizontal bar and parallel bars; and R. G. McPhail '15, in ground tumbling. Princeton is generally conceded to have the best team of the twelve colleges that have entered the meet; nevertheless, the three University men are expected to make a creditable showing. Mr. J. E. Wolf, athletic instructor at Watertown High School, and formerly for two years assistant athletic instructor at Princeton, has kindly consented to assist the gymnastic team on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Mr. Wolf is giving his services gratis.