Third Year Law Elections

Members of the third year class of the Harvard Law School have met and nominated the following men for the offices of marshal and secretary:

Marshal.--M. C. Lightner, of Toronto, Ontario; W. S. Logan, of Washington, Conn.; M. M. McDermott, of Chattanooga, Tenn.; L. R. P. Percy, of Birmingham, Ala.; R. W. Perkins, Jr., of Newport News, Va.; H. M. Stevens, of Salt Lake City, Utah; F. W. Sullivan, of Lowell; R. A. Taft; of Washington, D. C.

Secretary.--M. Barns, of Providence, R. I.; E. M. Dodd, of Chestnut Hill; S. F. Johnson, of Newton Centre.

A committee of five men, consisting of G. S. Brengle, R. O. Brewster, Z. Chaffee, S. M. Rinaker, and W. S. Warfield, has been appointed to take charge of the elections.

The actual voting will take place this morning in the room at the left of the entrance to Austin Hall. The polls will be open from 9 to 10 and 1 to 2. All men who are now registered in the school as members of the third year class, and all unclassified students who entered the school in the class which is now the third year class may vote.