Again, Delinquent Seniors

The question of class lives and pictures for the Senior class album has become critical. The last date on which pictures can be taken is April 12, and appointments must be made at least a week in advance. So many have neglected to arrange a sitting that there will be considerable difficulty, if appointments are not made at once. The class lives are merely a matter of a few moments' thought which will make a difference of a life-time. They should have been in long ago. We are far behind 1912.

Walter Tufts, Jr., will be in his room, Thayer 6, every week-day except Saturday from 1.45 to 2.45 o'clock. If there is any misunderstanding as to class lives, he is the man to see. I shall be in my room, Thayer 7, every Monday and Thursday evening, and shall be glad to answer any questions, receive suggestions of any sort, or talk with any members of the class.