University to Play Cornell in Intercollegiate Series Saturday.

The University soccer team will leave the South Station tonight at 11.15 for Ithaca, where it will play its first game of the intercollegiate league series on Saturday afternoon. A short practice will be held tomorrow afternoon in preparation for the game. The following men will make the trip: g., Nichols; l.f.b., Rushmore; r.f.b., Barron (captain); l.h.b., Weston; c.h.b., Francke; r.h.b., McCall, Hudner; l.o.f., Locke, Hardwick; l.i.f., Carnochan; c.f., Lowrey; r.i.f., S. T. Hopkins; r.o.f., Needham; and also Coach Burgess and Manager Storms.