Part of the program of the Federated Territorial Clubs in their work to make Harvard, in character and influence, a truly national university, calls for placing the student publications in the leading preparatory and high schools throughout the entire United States. For many years, through the old custom of exchanges with other papers, the Harvard publications have been reaching many secondary schools and other colleges. But the proposal of the Territorial Clubs embodies a new idea. Whereas exchanges are seen by few but the editors of other papers, the new plan will place the Harvard publications within reach of all the students in secondary schools, so that those interested may secure accurate, first-hand information regarding the life and the opportunities which Harvard offers. In this way, it will be possible to some extent to counteract the influence of inaccurate and distorted news of Harvard life that is often printing in the daily papers throughout the country. To rectify popular impressions of Harvard, and to awaken in men in far distant parts of the country interest in the opportunities offered here are the two main purposes of the plan.

To take the place of the incomplete exchange lists of the various papers a committee of the Federation of Territorial Clubs is preparing a list of high schools and preparatory schools from lists suggested by the individual clubs. The CRIMSON and the Illustrated have already pledged their support, and we are confident that the other publications will do all in their power to help the Federation of Territorial Clubs in spreading the influence of Harvard.