The announcement that Mr. Percy D. Haughton has agreed to coach the football team for the next three years brings great satisfaction to all Harvard men, for it means the continuation of the methods and policies that have brought so much athletic success in recent years. For five seasons now Coach Haughton has directed the training and playing of Harvard football teams, and he has performed his duties with remarkable results. Under his coaching Harvard football teams have twice defeated and twice tied with Yale, and three times have won the intercollegiate championship. This record, judged in the light of former years, is quite unprecedented. And not only has Coach Haughton stood for victories; he has also set up a high standard of hard and clean play and has never countenanced low academic standing among the players. When he began his work, football at Harvard was at a low obb. Today, it stands on a high plane of efficiency to which it has been raised by hard and clean playing, instructed by a master of the game.