In Union, May 22 at 6.30 o'clock.--Many Speakers.

The Third Year Class of the Law School will hold its dinner in the Union on Thursday evening, May 22, at 6.30 o'clock. L. P. Percy, Class Marshal, will act as toastmaster and will call upon the following men to speak: Professor Samuel Williston, Professor Roscoe Pound, and Dean E. R. Thayer, all of the Law School Faculty, and J. T. Williams, Jr., editor-in-chief of the Boston Transcript, Moorfield Storey of the Boston Bar,--and Ex-President William Howard Taft. The members of the Law School Faculty will be the guests of the class.

Tickets may be procured by all those now or formerly members of the class from the dinner committee consisting of the following men: G. L. Harrison, G. H. Page, H. M. Stephens, G. T. Vought, Jr., and W. M. Wilkins.