Work of Legal Aid Bureau Explained.--Elections for Ensuing Year.

The fall meeting and smoker of The Harvard Legal Aid Bureau was held last night at Lincoln's Inn. Alexander Tener 3L., of Sewickley, Pa., Eliot Smith 2L., of Chicago, III., and Clarence B. Randall 3L., of Cambridge, Mass., were elected to the offices of president, vice-president and secretary, respectively. Mr. Tener stated that last year the bureau maintained an office at Prospect Union, in Central square, where the members dispensed legal advice free to those clients who were unable to procure an attorney. He said that the Bureau had recovered $5,000 during the year, handled 203 cases, and that no case had been disposed of without a fair trial before the Board of Directors.

While refreshments were being enjoyed the men listened to the speakers of the evening; Mr. R. H. Smith of the Boston Legal Aid Bureau and Mr. C. B. Rugg, the son of Chief Justice Rugg of Massachusetts.