Record Number of 71 Candidates Report for Regular Work.

The hockey season at Yale began the first of the week, when seventy-one men reported for work. This is the largest number of candidates in the history of the sport at New Haven. Because of the large size of the squad, especial attention will be given to the new men, the first cut not coming until the week before Christmas.

The Yale team will hold practice this year in the new local arena, which will greatly benefit the skaters, as last year the men were forced to go to New York to practice. Regular practice will start on Monday under the direction of Coach Howard who trained last year's team.

The prospects for this season seem unusually bright, as Captain Sweeney, centre; M. R. Heron, point; R. H. MacDonald and S. D. Dickey, wings; and M. B. Schiller and T. G. Driscoll, goals, are available again this year. F. V. Burgess, Spiegel and Betts are all capable players, and should put up a good fight for places on the team.