Special Building at Radcliffe to Unite All Advanced Students.

The Superintendent of Buildings at Radcliffe has announced that the house situated at 53 Garden street is being remodelled and renovated for the purpose of turning it into a Radcliffe dormitory to be used solely by graduate students. The building will fill a long felt need at Radcliffe, inasmuch as in former years graduate students of the college have been forced to live in the different undergraduate dormitories and it is now believed that the new dormitory will be large enough to accommodate the greater part of the graduate students of Radcliffe.

About a year ago there was some thought of utilizing the building as a hospital, but it was decided that the construction of the building did not warrant its use for this purpose and it was not deemed wise to tear down the entire house and erect a 'hospital' on the site, since there was some question as to whether the college could support a separate medical institution.