Directory Statistics Show Large Number Engaged in Government Service.--Law a Popular Profession.

The edition of the Harvard University Directory just published gives some interesting statistics regarding the work Harvard men do after graduating.

In national affairs, the representatives of the University are many. Four hundred and sixty-nine men are engaged in government, national, state, or municipal. In addition, 51 graduates are engaged in the diplomatic service, and 30 in the consular service. The judiciary of the country and states contains 172 Harvard men. The sixty-third Congress has 20 graduates, 3 in the Senate and 17 in the House of Representatives. In two other branches controlled by the Government, there are 144 men; 92 of these are in the army, 52 in the navy.

The most popular of the other occupations is law. There are 5,980 graduates engaged in the practice of law. Second place is held by medicine. Exclusive of dental medicine, there are 3,375 doctors; the dentists number 351. The ministry claims the next largest number, having 1,109 men.

Real estate is a popular occupation, for 560 men are interested in it. Journalism claims 539, science 530, and civil engineering 453.

A list of countries represented shows that the United States and Insular Possessions lead with 36,594, foreign countries having 1,559 representatives and the addresses of 1,197 men being unknown. Among the foreign countries, Canada leads with 519, England, France and Japan following in the order named. The three cities with the largest representation are Boston with 6,480, New York, with 3,634 and Cambridge, with 1,456.