The second annual Interscholastic Gymnastic Meet will be held in the Hemenway Gymnasium this evening at 8 o'clock. The meet promises to be the most interesting schoolboy gymnastic meet ever held in New England, as there is sure to be great competition among the schools entered. Last year Newark Academy won the contest although closely pressed by other competing teams. Unfortunately the champions can not compete this year.

There will be six events, and points will be given for the first four places in each event, to count 5, 3, 2, 1, respectively. Medals will be given for first and second places, and ribbons for third and fourth places. A large banner will also be given to the school scoring the largest number of points. The events will be parallel bars, horizontal bar, side-horse, flying rings, club-swinging, and tumbling. The judges are to be Mr. Christian Eberhard, Mr. Oliver Hebbert, Mr. D. B. Brink, and Mr. E. G. W. Ruge.

The teams which have entered are:

Andover Academy.--Basso, Carpenter, Eliwood, Lee, and Peck (captain).

Brookline High. -- E. Dewey, F. G. Dusossoft, (captain), F. Jonannet, S. Nixon, and G. Stewart.

Exeter Academy.--M. Anderson, K. A. Beatty, J. W. Beaty, L. E. Este, G. J. Garita, J. R. Garside, W. J. Halliday, T. A. Smith, L. Werner, and J. M. White, captain.

Watertown High.--C. Arnold, R. Shaw, W. Sullivan, F. Whitney, L. Woodworth (captain).

Worcester Academy.--E. L. Durkee.

Tickets at 25 cents each may be procured at Leavitt & Peirce's or at the door.