Bulletin of Announcements

Disgrace for Seniors Immanent.

Today is positively the last day for Seniors to hand in their "lives," and have their pictures taken. The thirty-odd Seniors should bear in mind that to be left out of the Album is certainly no small disgrace; and they will be left out unless they hand in their "lives," and make an appointment to have their pictures taken by tonight. Last year many men came around after the closing date, and begged to be allowed to hand in their pictures and "lives,"--but all talk was futile, for they were left out of the 1913 Senior Album. Delinquent Seniors bear this in mind!

Prof. Anesaki at Christian Association.

The regular meeting of the Christian Association will be held in Phillips Brooks' House tomorrow morning, at 10 o'clock. Professor Masaharu Anesaki, A.M., Litt.D., exchange professor from the Imperial University of Tokyo, will speak on "Buddhism and Christianity in Modern Japan." All members of the University are invited to attend.

Pierian Concert at Colonial Club.

The Pierian Sodality will give a concert at the Colonial Club this evening at 8.15 o'clock. This concert is given under the auspices of the club for members only, and will be of an informal nature followed by refreshments. The final "pop" concert of the year will be given at the Boston City Club on April 2. Pieces are now being prepared for the last appearance of the year, which will be the annual concert in Sanders Theatre on April 15.

Territorial Federation Elections.

The Territorial Clubs of the University which are members of the Federation are reminded that today is the last day for sending in the selections for the Council. Since the work of publishing the pamphlet and the affairs of the different Territorial Clubs must be accomplished during the spring it is imperative that these names be sent in today. The election of the Council will be held the early part of next week after which work will commence at once. All names sent in should be addressed to E. V. Moncrieff '14, secretary-treasurer, Hollis 8.

Track Practice.

University and Freshman track practice will start at Soldiers Field on Monday at 4 o'clock. All candidates are urged to report.