Wrestling Championships Decided

The University Wrestling Championships were decided last evening in the Hemenway Gymnasium. The only falls in the final bouts wore gained by J. A. Emery '17 and Captain W. R. Tyler '14 in 4 minutes, 45 seconds, and 2 minutes, 25 seconds, respectively. Coach Anderson acted as referee.

The results of the final bouts in each class were as follows:

125-pound class.--P. M. Murdough '17 beat E. G. Davidson '17 by decision.

135-pound class.--J. A. Emery '17 beat R. H. Stiles '16 by fall; time, 4 min., 45 sec.

145-pound class.--W. E. Griffitts, Jr., '14 beat M. L. Hodgson '16 by decision.

158-pound class.--W. R. Tyler '14 beat K. E. Pote '16 by fall; time, 2 min., 25 sec.

175-pound class.--J. N. B. Brennan '15 beat G. K. Noble '17 by decision.

Heavyweight class.--L. Withington 3L vs. P. Withington 4M.,; no decision in 15 min.