Golf Matches Today

No matches in the University golf trials were played yesterday, owing to the bad weather. The last series of the preliminary trials will be played today. There will be two foursome matches and one threesome, composed as follows: First foursome.--F. Sargent '14, C. H. Kendall '16, G. W. Oldridge '17 and R. Whitney '17; second foursome.--E. P. Allis '15, P. W. Simons '16, F. I. Amory, Jr., '17, and H. DeFord, Jr., '15; threesome.--H. K. Caner, Jr., '15, J. W. Hubbell '17, and S. P. Griffitts '15. The ten men who will continue in the trials after the spring recess will be chosen this evening.