16 Men to Qualify at 18 Holes.--Three Foursome Matches for Today.

The University championship golf tournament will begin this year on Monday, May 11, and will be played at the Oakley Country Club instead of at the Woodland Golf Club, where it has been held for the past few years. It will take the form of an elimination tournament with 16 men to qualify at 18 holes. Since this course is much more accessible than the Woodland links, a large entry list is expected. Especially Freshmen and those who feel that they did not do themselves justice in the preliminary trials are urged to participate. The entrance fee will be $1, and, in addition, those who are neither regular nor special members of the Oakley Club will be charged $1 per day for the use of the course.

The following foursome matches will be played at the Oakley Club this afternoon at 2 o'clock: F. Sargent '14, H. K. Caner, Jr., '15, F. I. Amory '17 and S. P. Griffitts '15, E. P. Allis '15, J. W. Hubbell '17, H. deFord, Jr., '15 and J. G. Heyburn '16. At 3 o'clock: G. N. Richard '14, C. H. Kendall '16, R. Whitney '17, and F. C. Carleton '16.