Allis Continues to Star in Yesterday's Golf Matches at Oakley.

The first match round of the University golf championship tournament was played at the Oakley Country Club yesterday afternoon, leaving eight men to compete for the championship. Captain E. P. Allis '15 again featured beating his opponent 7-6 and bringing in a score of 79, the lowest of the day. The results of the matches follow: E. P. Allis '15 defeated H. Goodspeed '16 (7-6); F. Sargent '14 defeated F. I. Amory, Jr., '17 (4-3); J. G. Heyburn '16 defeated G. C. Ludlow '15 (7-6); S. P. Griffitts '15 defeated J. W. Hubbell '17 (1 up); C. S. Weeks '14 defeated F. C. Carleton '16 (3-1); B. Nichols '15 defeated C. H. Kendall '16 (1 up); H. K. Caner, Jr., '15 defeated L. Clark '16 (4-3); P. W. Simons '16 defeated P. F. Schofield '16 (3-2).

The following are the pairings for the second match play, which will be held this afternoon: E. P. Allis '15 vs. F. Sargent '14; J. G. Heyburn '16 vs. S. P. Griffitts '15; C. S. Weeks '14 vs. B. Nichols '15; H. K. Caner, Jr., '15 vs. P. W. Simons '16.