Pop Concert Tonight

Following is the program for the Pop Concert in Symphony Hall this evening: 1. March, "The Queen of Sheba,"Gounod 2. Overture, "The Far Away Isles,"  Maquarre 3. "An Evening in Toledo,"  Schmeling   a. Serenade.   b. Spanish Dance. 4. Selection, "Samson and Delilah,"  Saint-Saens 5. Triumph March, "Imperator Julian,"  Urack 6. Harp Solo, "In Springtime,"  Holy (Mr. Holy.) 7. Hungarian Rhapsody, No. 2,  Liszt 8. Selection, "Sari,"  Kalman 9. Overture, "William Tell,"  Rossini 10. Waltz, "Fideles Wien,"  Komzak 11. Slumber Song,  Urack 12. March, "Kaiser Wilhelm,"  Nagel