Department of Government Has Made Necessary Arrangements.

Tonight and next Wednesday night between 7.30 and 9.30 o'clock will be the last chances for students to register for voting. Up to date several men have been prevented from registering by the present Board of Registrars on the ground that they were ineligible to vote because they were not self-supporting. The truth of the matter lies in a decision of the Supreme Court of Massachusetts which states that: The students of a University need not be self supporting to register.

The department of Government of the University has arranged to have a lawyer at the City Hall and Central Square Police Station. There will also be two registered voters from wards 8 and 9 to appear as witnesses for men who wish to register. All men of 21 who have been in the University one year or more are eligible. Before registering men should go to the City Hall to the office of the Assessor in order to be assessed for a poll tax.