Professor Taussig Will Address Conference at Phillips Brooks House This Evening.

A social service conference, open to all members of the University, will be held at Phillips Brooks House this evening from 8 until 9 o'clock. The purpose of the meeting will be to stimulate interest in social service and to present the opportunities for volunteer work offered in Boston and Cambridge. Mr. George W. Coleman, president of the Boston City Council and director of the Ford Hall meetings will be the principal speaker. Mr. Coleman's topic will be: "The need for Social Service." Professor F. W. Taussig '79 will speak on "Social Questions and Social Service." S. B. Pennock 1G., will relate some of his experiences with Boys' Clubs, and R. T. Twitchell '16 will talk on "Social Service as an Avocation." W. Willcox '17, chairman of the Social Service Committee, will preside. After the speaking, there will be an opportunity to ask questions of the different speakers. All men in the University are cordially invited to attend.