Rewarded Twenty-Two Seniors and Eight Juniors for Scholastic Achievement.

The following twenty-two Seniors and eight Juniors have been elected to the Phi Beta Kappa Society. Scholarly achievement and scholarly promise have been the basis of election, and a conscientious attempt has been made to do justice to every eligible name. In determining the elections, scholarship grades alone have not been the ultimate grounds for decision; the difficulty of the courses taken and the student's progress throughout his college career have also, received due consideration. The names of the successful candidates are arranged below alphabetically, and not according to order to election.


Max Brandwene, of Scranton, Pa.

Roy William chestnut, of Waynoka, Okia.

Jacob Adams Emery, of Philadelphia, Pa.

Ranald Martin, Foster, of Brooklyn, N. Y.

William Theophilus Gunraj, of Berbice, British Guiana.

Walter Marshall Horton, of Arlington.

Charles Lawton Sherman, of Newport, R. I.

Walter Silz, of Lakewood, O.


Frederic Sevens Allen, of Pelham Manor, N. Y.

Henry Hoyt Carpenter, of Jamaica Plain.

John Ruskin Coffin, of West Medford.

Paul Pincus Cohen, of Buffalo, N. Y.

Phillip Mauro Copp, of Burlington, la.

Lawrence Curtis, 2d, of Boston.

Edward Charles Ehrenswperger, of Indianapolis, Ind.

Wilfred Beeper Feiga, of Worcester.

Will Getting, of Seattle, Wash.

Louis Planck Hammett, of Portland, Me.

John Gilpin Heyburn, of Louisville, Ky.

James Emerson Hoskins, of Hartford, Conn.

Harold Atkins Larabee, of Melrose.

William Edward McCurdy, of Augusta, Ga.

Malcolm Perrine McNair, Of Dansville, N. Y.

Lyman Gilder Richards, of Fall River.

Samuel Sewall, of Minneapolis, Minn.

Stanley Barney Smith, of Washington, D. C.

Lewis Wald, of Roxbury.

John Wooldredge of Pasadena, Cal.