Harvard Club Hockey Team Starts Practice

The recently organized hockey team of the Harvard Club of Boston will practice at the Arena on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 6 to 7 o'clock, beginning next Monday. The first game will be at the Arena shortly before Christmas. The team is under the direction of A. Winsor, Jr., '02, coach of the University seven, and W. H. Claflin, Jr., '15, captain of the University team last year, has been apointed captain.

The following men have already signed up for the team: R. M. Blackall '12, F. B. Bradlee '15, G. W. Canterbury '01, O. M. Chadwick '11, W. H. Claflin, Jr., '15, T. J. Coolidge, 2d, '15, D. F. Cutler '11, B. A. Edwards '14, R. T. Gannett '15, T. Gorham '13, D. R. Hanson '13, S. T. Hicks '10, S. Hopkins '14, R. Hornblower '11, F. H. Palmer '13, M. B. Phillips '15, F. W. Pollard '12, R. T. Pratt '13, L. Saltonstall '14, W. Smith '14, A. F. Sortwell '14, F. Wigglesworth '15.