Athletic Activities Show Total of 1623 Participants, an Increase of 299 Over Last Year.

According to the final statistics, 1623 men have engaged in the different major and minor sports so far this year. This is an increase of 299 over last year's total of 1324 and an increase of 486 over 1913. There is a slight decrease in certain sports, but this is more than balanced by the great gains made in other branches. Certain qualifications should be made in regard to the numbers on this list. The seasons for certain sports, particularly baseball, rowing, and lacrosse, were shorter than most of the others, and in the case of rowing it is probable that a number of the men who did single sculling work also rowed in an eight-oared shell. In the case of tennis, many taking part in the singles tournament also played in the doubles and interclass tournaments. The number of men who reported for hockey, gymnasium work, wrestling, swimming and fencing, which are properly winter sports, is also given. Allowance must conse- quently be made in the total, for a number of repetitions in cases where one man joined more than one squad. The number of Freshmen engaged in some form of athletic training was about the same as last year, although there were fewer inter-dormitory contests than last fall.

The sport calling out the greatest number of men was football, with 365 names enrolled. This is an increase of 19 men over last year's mark, in spite of the fact that the Haughton Cup series was cancelled. Track showed a total of 247 aspirants as against 178 for last fall. The largest increase was in the tennis tournaments, with 252 participants, a gain of 105 over last year's mark. The decrease in soccer may be laid to the fact that no inter-dormitory series was held this season. The detailed statistics follow:

Football.  1914  1915University,  122  150Freshman,  126  128Interclass,  51  87Haughton Cup,  47  --Rowing.University,  108  90Freshman,  89  99Singles,  15  --Wherries,  13  --Track.University,  90  148Freshman,  88  99Tennis.Singles,    142Doubles,    62Interclass, Total  147  48Soccer.University,  46  45Freshman,  22  24Inter-dormitory,  42  --Baseball.University,  29  55Freshman,  29  --Hockey.University,  79  60Freshman,  72  80Gymnastics.Class (irregular attendance),  100  100University team,  28  30Lacrosse.Scrub series,  39  49Fencing.University team,  24  26Wrestling.University team,  18  51Swimming.University and Freshman,  --  50    --  --Total,  1324  162