Severe Drill in Passing and Shooting.--Doty and Phillips Back

Coach Winsor gave the University hockey squad a hard work-out at the Arena yesterday afternoon. Phillips and Doty were both in condition to play and the men put up a much harder contest as a result. After drill in passing and shooting, the University line with the substitute defense had a ten-minute scrimmage with the second-string linemen backed by the regular defense. Neither side was able to score, although both teams played fairly good hockey. Lather the regular University seven played the substitutes a hard fifteen-minute game which resulted in a 1 to 1 tie. Townsend scored for the University and Fisher for the second-string men. In squad seemed to have lost its snap and missed many chances to score.

The two teams lined up as follows:

  UNIVERSITY.   Townsend, l.w.   Baker, l.c.   Phillips, r.c.   Wanamaker, r.w.   Doty, c.p.   Morgan, p.   Wylde, g.   SURSTITUTES.   r.w., Bliss.   r.c., Fisher.   l.c., Baldwin.   l.w., Curtis.   c.p., Clark.   p., Eckfeldt   g., Harte