Efficiency of Army Explained by Teutonic Philosophical Principles.

Professor J. A. Walz, of the German Department, spoke last evening on "The Moral Forces of Modern Germany." Professor Walz introduced his subject by a brief summary of the growth of German national spirit from the sixteenth century, emphasizing the important part played by Prussia in the unifying of what once was a mass of over three hundred principalities. The fundamental principles of German political philosophy, he said, are authority, liberty, and duty. These ideas run through all the forms of German public activity, and it is for their sake that the Teutonic allies are now fighting. Some time was devoted to an explanation of the army system ,which is believed by all Germans to be beneficial. The fundamental idea here is again duty. It is the feeling of every man in the fighting machine that he owes his services to the defence of his country which makes the German army so efficient.