Fifty Entries For Handicap Swimming Events This Afternoon.

The University swimming association will hold its first handicap meet at the Cambridge Y. M. C. A., Central square, this afternoon at 4 o'clock. Blue-books have been opened at the Freshman Dormitories, the Union, and Leavitt & Peirce's, and as a result fifty men have entered in the various events. There will be no admission charge for spectators. B. M. Fullerton '16, captain of the University swimming team, will have charge of the handicapping in all of the events. Handicaps will be announced this afternoon just before the events occur. In addition to the 20-yard dash, which will be raced from scratch, there will be a 50-yard dash, 100-yard swim, 220-yard swim, 40-yard breast stroke, 440-yard swim, 40-yard back stroke, plunge for distance, and fancy diving. The following will serve as judges: Matthew Mann, coach of the University swimming team, T. M. Sloane, Jr., '15, R. A. Whitney '16, and Mr. Waters, of the Cambridge Y. M. C. A.