Under the caption "Visitation Day," the Alumni Bulletin for February third has the following to say about the idea of keeping graduates in touch with the activities of the University:

"Since commenting last week upon the Alumni Days of Yale and Princeton, our attention has been called to the fact that a year ago, the Harvard Divinity School Alumni Association celebrated, on its own initiative, precisely such a day at Cambridge. A good old name for it was revived in 'Visitation Day.' Under this title it will be celebrated again this year, on February 17. If other branches of the University take up the idea, can they improve upon the name of 'Visitation Day?'"

The graduate is kept interested in his undergraduate clubs and activities by dinners, or, in the case of athletics, by the games. The plan of the Divinity School takes him back to the regular work of his college course. While it is improbable that a very large percentage of men would have time to attend "Old Grad" days, enough would undoubtedly do so to make the idea worth trying. It is up to some class to start it.