As a result of the decision of the judges of the play competition, the Dramatic Club will produce three one-act plays this spring. These are "Garafelia's Husband", by Miss Esther W. Bates, "The Florist Shop", by Miss Winifred Hawkridge, and "Toy Soldiers", by Miss Agnes Van Slyck. The authors of all three plays are members of Professor Baker's courses on the technique of the drama at Radcliffe. Honorable mention was also made of "The Sniper" by Eugene C. O'Neil and "When East Meets West" by Mrs. David Kimball, Radcliffe Sp. The judges of the competition were Professor George Peirce Baker '87, Mr. Walter Pritchard Eaton '00, and Mr. Jules Eckert Goodman '99.

The performances of the plays will be given in Brattle Hall, Cambridge, on April 6 and 8, and in Copley Hall, Boston, on April 7.

Competition for the stage management of the Dramatic Club will-start this evening, when all candidates must report at Claverly 45 at 7.15 o'clock. The work of the stage management, which will be outlined at the meeting consists of taking care of properties, scenery and designing. Candidates for electrical work will be called out in a few days. There are four or five positions open, which will be filled at the end of this competition which will last until the middle of April. The work is not hard and no previous experience is necessary.

The reading of the plays selected for the spring production will be held in Peabody Hall, Phillips Brooks House, tomorrow afternoon at four o'clock. Trials for parts will be held on Thursday afternoon.