Three CRIMSON competitions, two for the class of 1918 and one for 1917, will be held during the first half-year. Members of the class of 1918 who wish to compete for the positions of second assistant business manager will report at the CRIMSON Office, corner of Massachusetts avenue and Plympton street, Monday morning at 8.30 o'clock. At this time the duties of the competition will be outlined and work will commence immediately. Any who wish to get detailed information in advance may apply to the business manager in the CRIMSON Office at any time.

Two positions are open to the Sophomore class in the present competition. The men taken on the board will become assistant business manager and circulation manager in their Junior year, and one will become business manager in his Senior year. The work required in the competition is mainly soliciting advertisements and subscriptions, but general business efficiency will be given weight in the choice of second assistant managers.

Competition in the other two departments of the CRIMSON will begin a week from Monday. There are from six to eight positions on the news staff open to members of the class of 1918, about half of which will be filled this fall. All Sophomores who wish to enter this contest will report in the office on October 4 at 7 o'clock. The managing editor will then explain the candidates' duties, which will be mainly gathering University news. The competition requires no previous journalistic training, and furnishes one of the best opportunities for building up a wide and intimate knowledge of the University.

At the same time the editorial competition, for Juniors only, will commence. The work will consist of writing and looking up data for editorials. Either one or two will probably be elected to the board at the end of the competition.