Temporary Hours Set Today for Benefit of all Desiring Any Sort of Information.

Below is printed a directory of officers and all committees of the University, whose consultation hours for today only will be from 9 to 12.30 o'clock in the morning and 2 to 4.30 o'clock in the afternoon:

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences: Prof. C. H. Haskins, Dean; Mr. G. W. Robinson, Secretary, University 24.

Graduate Schools of Applied Science:

School of Applied Biology: Prof. W. E. Castle, Chairman, Zoological Laboratory.

School of Architecture: Prof. H. L. Warren, Chairman, Robinson Hall, Library.

School of Engineering: Prof. H. J. Hughes, Chairman, Pierce 114.

School of Forestry: Prof. R. T. Fisher, Chairman, Lawrence 3, morning, Bussey Institution, afternoon.

School of Landscape Architecture: Prof. J. S. Pray, chairman, Robinson Hall Library, A. M., 50 Garden St., P. M.

Mining: Prof. H. L. Smyth, Chairman, Rotch Building.

Graduate School of Business Administration; Prof. E. F. Gay, Dean; Mr. E. G. Mears, Secretary, University 17.

Harvard College: Prof. B. S. Hurlbut, Dean, University 4, south entry; Asst. Prof. H. A. Yeomans, Assistant Dean, University 15, north entry.

Harvard College, Recorder's Office: Mr. G. W. Cram, Recorder, University 4.

Committee on Admission: Mr. J. G. Hart, Chairman, University 20.

Parietal Board: Mr. E. D. Brandegee, Regent, Weld 31, 10-12 only.

Committees on the Degrees of A.B. and S.B. with Distinction: