Word has been received from England that the examinations for the Rhodes Scholarships will be held on Tuesday, October 5. All candidates for election by the committee of selection for Massachusetts, of which President Lowell is chairman, must fulfill several requirements, printed in full in the Rhodes Scholarship pamphlets, which may be obtained at the College Office. Applications to take the examinations must be handed in to President Lowell, University 5, by tomorrow. These applications must be accompanied by certificates stating that the candidate has had "two consecutive years' residence and approved work in one secondary school, academy, or recognized degree-granting university or college in Massachusetts, said two years' residence and work to have fallen within the period between September 1, 1913 and September 1, 1916," or that he has completed the "first two years' residence and approved work in any recognized degree-granting university or college in the United States," signed by the president or dean, "the private domicile, home or residence being in Massachusetts."

The examinations will take place at the following hours:

Tuesday, October 5--9 to 11, translation from Latin into English; 1 to 3, Latin prose; 4 to 6, arithmetic.

Wednesday, October 6--9 to 11, translation of Greek into English; 1 to 2, Latin grammar; 2.10 to 3.10, Greek grammar; 4 to 6, Algebra or Geometry.