Recent Announcement Describes Advance in Wealth and Enrolment.

The following editorial appearing in the Nation sets forth briefly the growth of Princeton in the last decade. The article is as follows:

"The rapid growth of Princeton in the last decade is set forth in a bulletin published by the Princeton University Press Club. Ten years ago the estimated value of the Princeton buildings was $3,238,840. Since then nineteen new structures have been erected at a cost of $4,157,480. The teaching faculty has been increased from 100 to 195, and the salary budget from $195,135 yearly to $401,310. While costs have thus been multiplied by two, the increase of students has been slightly less than 20 per cent. The students pay but little more in tuition for the enlarged faculties. These have been made possible by special gifts, like that of Mr. Proctor and bequests like that of Mrs. Swann. The professors have gained but little in salary, a fact to which the authorities 'point with regret.' Princeton's development from 1905 to 1915 has been truly remarkable. But so has the expansion of many another university. Undergraduates are the beneficiaries of a fast-mounting expenditure."