Regimental Orders

The Regimental Committee has announced the following additional assignments to companies: To Company A-- F. W. Busk '16, A. L. Laird '16; to Company B--D. E. J. Wilson 2L.; to Company C--C. D. Case '19, F. P. Coolidge '16, J. G. Heinz '17, S. S. Switzer '18; to Company D--J. S. Baker '19, H. R. Guild '17, R. Littell '18, E. E. Lucas '19, D. P. Morgan, Jr. '16; to Company E--R. R. Brown '17, J. B. Hopkins '19, P. S. Howe, Jr. '17; to Company F--J. E. C. Haslam '18, E. E. Johnson '17, E. G. Nash 1G., R. B. Widden 1G.B.; to Company G--C. S. Bolster 1L., B. E. Carter '16, K. E. Fuller '16, P. L. Jackson 1G.B., J. F. Rollins 1L., B. C. Tucker uC., R. J. White 1L.

Company E and Company F will drill in the Baseball Cage tonight from 7.15 to 9.15 o'clock.