Scarlet Fever at Princeton

Rumors to the effect that Princeton will be forced to be quarantined or disbanded if any more cases of scarlet fever developed, have been declared unfounded by Dr. Joseph E. Raycroft, Director of the Department of Physical Education. The regulation in question, it has been ascertained, applies only to public schools under the jurisdiction of the local board of education, which has no control over Princeton.

Six cases of scarlet fever have thus far been discovered in the university, the first of which developed about a week after the Christmas vacation. Three suspected cases are being held under observation, and a number of men who had been associating with them are reporting for daily examination. The source of the infection has not been definitely traced; but it is thought that three of the men contracted the disease while away from college and the others received it from them. All the patients have mild cases and no complications have ensued.

Epidemics of the disease have been prevalent during the past month in Pennsylvania, resulting in the quarantine of Washington and Jefferson College, and in a death from scarlet fever and other complications at the University of Pennsylvania.