University of Pennsylvania Scientific School Establishes Innovation of Having Photographs Taken of its Students for Use as Files.--Dr. Fitch to Take Professorship at Amherst.

Co-incident with the increased prosperity of the nation comes the report that colleges throughout the country are having record registrations. At Columbia there are over 2,000 more students than there were last year; at Brown the freshman class exceeds all previous records; at Oberlin the registration limit has been reached; at Wisconsin, at Williams, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, record figures are reported. All of which is in harmony with the increased registration of the University.

Pictures of Students at Penn.

An innovation at the University of Pennsylvania Scientific School is the institution of the "Rogues' Gallery." Previous to registering, a student is required to have his photograph taken. By obtaining the pictures of the men and keeping them on file, a more accurate account of the students will be possible. As a precaution, the photographers have promised not to use any of the photographs as clothes advertisements.

Inauguration of President Hopkins.

The past week witnessed the inauguration of Dr. Ernest Martin Hopkins as the eleventh president of Dartmouth College. Twelve hundred delegates from other colleges, invited guests, dignitaries of the state, and members of the undergraduate body attended the exercises. In the morning there was a service in the chapel, after which everyone formed in a parade which was probably the most significant academic procession in the history of Dartmouth. After this came the invocation, and then the inaugural address. In a masterly speech, the subject of which was "The Future of the American College," the new president propounded his own ideas of the functions and the purpose of the college in this country, and of the influence it should exert upon, and the support it should receive from the men whom it has sent forth into the world. In reference to the speech the Dartmouth says, "The entire address seemed an expression of the new president's policy, a forecast of the future of Dartmouth as carried out under the Hopkins administration." Thus a new college president entered upon his term of office.

Dr. Fitch to be at Amherst.

Announcement was made at the annual alumni dinner of Amherst College that Dr. Albert Parker Fitch '00 of Andover Theological Seminary has accepted the chair of Biblical Literature in that institution, beginning with the fall of 1917. Dr. Fitch will also occupy a position as director of religious work of the college in connection with the Christian Association, and will also be college minister. Dr. Fitch, who has been president of Andover Theological Seminary since 1909, has resigned from that position.

Large Endowment Funds at Yale.

According to the annual report of the treasurer just issued, Yale University and its various schools have now endowment funds of $18,431,444.64. Of this amount, $2,256,356.69 was received during the last fiscal year. The university made loans aggregating $13,365.10 to deserving students and received $7,018.95 from students whom it had in past years benefited by loans.

Columbia University was the recipient of gifts amounting to $40,000 and ranging in size from $2 to $7,500, according to announcements made at the first meeting this year of the Board of Trustees.

Iowa University has this year distributed 115 Whitney Carr Scholarships to aid students in securing college educations. The fund from which the scholarships are given is the interest on $50,000.

The class of 1895 at Pennsylvania has turned over to the university $5,000, the interest on which is to be used by the trustees for whatever purposes they deem best.

The Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture has given $1,000 to Pennsylvania University to be applied toward a fellowship in the Veterinary Department.

New Courses Added at Technology.

Engineers in the Massachusetts institute of Technology can now combine their professional studies with courses in practical business administration. The special work of the seniors is widened to include business law, cost accounting, business management and taxation. These courses are given in three sections for the benefit of civil, mechanical and electrical, and chemical engineers.