Fall Tennis Tournament Starts Today On Jarvis Field Courts.

The annual University fall tennis tournament will start this afternoon, when the first match will be held on Jarvis Field at 2 o'clock. The courts will be furnished free, but each contestant must provide his own balls. Contestants should report to the manager in charge who will assign courts, and only five minutes after the scheduled time will be allowed for men to report or the matches will be defaulted.

Following are the matches scheduled for today:

At 2 o'clock: L. B. Leonard '18 vs. M. Noxon '19; O. C. Nash '17 vs. M. Glover 1G; C. Jennings 2L vs. E. Lovering '20; R. K. Kenna '17 vs. R. Cobb '19; S. Ballard '17 vs. H. Fiske '19; T. W. Whitall '17 vs. D. F. Houston '20; E. A. Niles 1L vs. H. R. Guild '17; H. L. M. Cole 1L vs. F. F. Williams '20; W. Rand 1G vs. W. Richmond '18; E. Kuhn' 18 vs. C. W. Wooldredge '20; H. G. Trevor '20 vs. H. C. Ward '20; S. Poor '17 vs. H. McEldoaney; L. Jackson '19 vs. C. Vose 2G; Q. A. Shaw '19 vs. W. B. Stevens '19; J. S. Love '17 vs. R. C. Rand '19; J. S. Myers '19 vs. F. M. Warburg '19; M. Zobel '19 vs. T. A. Lightner 2L; H. Wentworth '17 vs. M. Stolz '20; P. C. Lloyd '20 vs. G. H. Smith 1G; R. V. Buel '18 vs. P. R. Meyer '19; C. G. Smith 5G vs. J. Harper 1G; M. S. Bromwell '19 vs. R. Kennedy '17; L. E. Green '18 vs. E. R. Adams 3L; H. C. Wiswall '18 vs. E. A. Le Roy 1L; R. A. Curtis '19 vs. J. B. Burnham '17; G. D. Howie 3L vs. J. E. Simon '18; H. Wiener '20 vs. E. C. Johnson '20; J. R. Moore 2G vs. Howard R. Guild '17; R. C. Hardy vs. G. L. Howe '18; J. L. Tildsley '19 vs. J. Palache '18; R. S. Richards 1G vs. R. A. Talbot '19; E. M. Ellsworth '17 vs. V. E. Macy '20; F. Smith 1G vs. E. A. Hill '19; G. C. Means '18 vs. R. Hitchcock '18; K. Chase '19 vs. D. J. Kenefick '17; J. L. Roberts '20 vs. G. L. Wilson 2L.

At 3.45 o'clock: A. K. Marsh vs. winner of Jennings-Lovering; P. E. Stevens '19 vs. winner of Whitall-Houston; L. B. Norrie '20 vs. M. D. Miller '18; F. B. Kittredge '19 vs. H. H. Bell '17; E. G. Le Forge vs. P. M. Schwartz '20; D. H. Finkelstein '18 vs. W. R. Chandler 1L; M. H. Dill '20 vs. W. H. Cary '20; H. S. Ferriss '18 vs. G. W. Helm; P. W. Higgins '20 vs. F. D. Schurz '20; S. H. Stevens '19 vs. J. S. Levy '19; P. G. Woodward '20 vs. M. L. Gerstle '19; A. L. Pitman '19 vs. T. B. Scott '18; H. G. M. Kelleher '18 vs. J. R. Parsons '19; P. E. Collinson '20 vs. P. B. Mallory '18; J. D. Evans vs. N. R. Cutler '19; S. C. Wu uC. vs. C. P. Richter 1L; P. M. Hamilton '20 vs. A. Kirk '20; R. L. Hobbs '17 vs. E. H. Morse '20; E. B. Benedict '18 vs. F. K. Veach 1L; D. L. Brown 2L vs. A. M. Reed 1L; W. B. Bullen 2D vs. W. C. Clark '19; C. W. Brown '20 vs. D. K. Dunmore '18; W. D. D. Morgan '18 vs. A. Claflin '20; P. B. Boyden '18 vs. P. F. Le Fevre; J. Carlson '19 vs. C. de Zaldo 1L.

Matches will be played regardless of weather unless a notice to the contrary is posted in Leavitt and Peirce's window at 1 o'clock.