Thirty-Eight Men on Sub Aggregation Retained for Further Trial.

The first cut in the second football squad has been made and thirty-eight men have been retained for further trial. The Haughton Cup series of games, which are held especially for all members of the University who desire to play football, but are not of University calibre, will begin soon and a large number of men are urged to come out.

Following is a list of the second team material which has been retained: W. M. Akin '19, V. N. Bates '19, R. B. Brown '18, C. Canfield '19, I. Campbell '17, E. A. Chapin '18, T. Craig '19, F. B. Dean '18, D. D. Dewart '18, C. De Rahm '18, T. K. Desmond uC, E. H. Ellison '17, F. Fishback '19, G. D. Flynn '19, D. Freeman '19, M. Gersumky '17, E. Ginn '18, J. P. Gundry '18, R. Hoffman '18, L. P. Jacobs '17, N. P. Johnson '17, H. M. Lange '18, V. E. Leighton '19, J. Lindes '19, J. W. Pennock '17, W. Platt '19, M. A. Rudman uC, J. F. Ryan uC, N. H. Seaver '18, C. U. Shreve '19, H. C. Smith '19, F. H. Stephens '18, A. B. Talbot '18, T. A. West '18, V. C. White '18, L. A. Whitney '19, S. T. Williams '17, and C. E. Works '19.