Regarding Panel for Prince.


To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

A few days ago I saw in the paper a letter from a graduate suggesting a bronze tablet in Soldiers Field in memory of Norman Prince '08. It occurred to me that the fact might not be generally known that the oak panels in the wainscoating of the Hall of the Union were intended for just such a purpose. I happened to be present when the architect, Mr. C. F. McKim, was discussing his plans for the Union with Mr. Higginson and others, and he said then that he hoped that the plain panels would genually be replaced by carved once inscribed with the names of Harvard men whose friends wished to perpetuate their memory there. Beyond a few such panels put in at that time I believe that this wish and expectation of the architect has not been fulfilled. If such a panel were put up it would add to the beauty and dignity of the room and others might be placed with it in commemoration of men like Henry Farnsworth '12 and Victor Chapman '13, who also have given their lives for France.

Soldiers Field is already dedicated to those soldiers of the Civil War whose memory is enshrined there. It would seem a pity to difute that interest by adding other tablets. M. ELLIOT '12.