Lagore's Touchdown and Braden's Goal from Field Netted Ten Points to Winning Elis.

PRINCETON, N. J., Nov. 19.--After holding the Yale team to a scoreless tie nor two periods yesterday, the carefully drilled Princeton eleven went down to a 10 to 0 defeat before the grit and force of the inexperienced Yale team.

There was little difference between the two teams in the first half. Kicks were exchanged and short gains were made on rushes, but neither team was able to gain consistently or to score. Near the end of the period, with the ball on Princeton's 20-yard line, Braden, Yale's best drop-kicker, was sent in and made a futile effort at a field goal. Princeton received the ball and kicked out of danger.

Yale opened the second half with an onside kick-off, had Moseley dropped on the ball on the 20-yard line. Braden had another chance to put over a dropkick and this time he made good.

With this advantage, Yale played with renewed effort, and in the last period when Brown fumbled on Princeton's 20-yard line, Captain Black recovered the ball. A forward pass tossed by Neville to Legore brought the ball to the three-yard line, and Neville and La Roche went crashing into the line for two yards more. With the ball on the one-yard line Legore was sent through tackle. At first it looked as if the Princeton team had held, but when the players were pulled off, it was seen that Legore had the ball just across the line. Comerford kicked the goal.