E. A. Nlles 1L and S. M. Buohanan, Amherst 1916 to Represent New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Edward Abbe Niles 1L, of Concord, N. H., has been awarded the Cecil Rhodes Scholarship from New Hampshire for the period beginning with October, 1917. He prepared for college at Hoosac School, Hoosac, N. Y., and graduated from Trinity College, Hartfor, Conn., in 1916. The Committee of Selection for New Hampshire which was authorized by the trustees of the Rhodes Scholarships for the selection of the scholar from that state is composed of President E. M. Hopkins and Professor H. D. Foster, of Dartmouth; Louis Perry, principal of Phillips Exeter Academy; Henry Morrison, New Hampshire State Commissioner of Education; John R. Mc-Lane '12L, former Rhodes Scholar.

Scott M. Buchanan, Amherst 1916, of Pittsfield, has been chosen by the Committee of Selection for Massachusetts as the holder of the Rhodes Scholarship from the state for three years beginning October, 1917. President Lowell is chairman of the Massachusetts committee, the other four members being Payson Smith, Massachusetts State Commissioner of Education; William C. Hill, principal of Springfield Classical High School; Alfred E. Stearns, principal of Phillips Academy, Andover; and Dean George C. Olds, of Amherst.

The winners of the Rhodes Scholarships are entitled to a three-years' residence at Oxford with a stipend of $1,500 a year. In making the award the judges not only take into consideration the candidate's mental and moral excellence, but also his physical fitness, a and "all-around" man being preferred. The scholar is elected by the Committee from among such persons as pause the qualifying examinations and fulfill certain conditions as to citizenship, age, residence and scholarship. The qualifying examinations for candidates from Massachusetts this year were held at the Medical School on October 3 and 5. Similar scholarships will be awarded for periods beginning in 1919, 1920 and 1922.