Seniors Will Meet Freshmen and Juniors Are to Take on Sophomores on Soldiers Field.

The first games of the interclass football series which were scheduled to be played this afternoon have been postponed a day on account of lack of material and examinations which affect members of the Freshman team. The Seniors will meet the Freshmen, and the Junior eleven will play the sophomores on Soldiers Field tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock. The final match between the winning teams in tomorrow's contests will be played on Thursday.

More men are needed for the class teams, especially from the three upper classes, and all additional candidates are to report to their class managers at the Locker Building for practice this afternoon at 2.30 o'clock. Men who were on the University squad or won their "H2" on the second eleven are not eligible to play in the series, nor are those members of the Freshman squad who played against Yale. The members of he winning team will receive their class numerals in an oval. Every man who plays in the series must have taken a strength test. Football clothes will be provided by the management.