Frederick Keil Bullard '20, of Revere, was awarded the Class Memorial Scholarship by Dean Yeomans in behalf of the Class of 1919 at a meeting of the Freshman Class in the Smith Halls Common Room yesterday evening. Bullard prepared at Exeter and was a member of the 1920 football squad this fall although he failed to win his numerals. The scholarship is valued at $400.

After a short speech by H. C. Flower, Jr., '19, stating the reasons that caused the executive board of the Class of 1919 to give the scholarship, Dean Yeomans addressed the Freshmen and awarded the scholarship, saying:-

"Scholarship is not an initiative profession. Next to having no scholarship at all the worst possible effect on a community is to have it divorced from the ordinary interests of life. In the olden days of absolute rule, it was unnecessary to have scholarship extend beyond the throne or the monasteries. But if the government is controlled by the many, it is important that scholarship, knowledge and the ability to think straight should be widely disseminated throughout the entire people.

World Hope Rests on Young Men.

"In this time of strife and world warfare the problems of the future that confront us are inestimable. The hope of the world centers in the young men, our young men, you young men, for it is on you that the responsibility for the decision of these problems will rest.

"The 1919 executive board has canvassed the situation thoroughly looking first for a man who had scholarly promise but also, and no less important, a readiness to take his part in the affairs of Harvard College, and when Harvard shall be behind him, of the world; and have awarded the Class Memorial Scholarship to Frederick Keil Bullard."