As a representative of a civilization which has in the past contributed much to the wisdom of the world Sir Rabindranath Tagore, now on a visit to this country, should be of particular interest to Americans. His lecture tonight at Tremont Temple on "The Cult of Nationalism" presents a characteristically Eastern solution of the problem of world- peace by the abolition of all nationalistic principles. Contemporary American opinion looks to its solution by means of the recognition and employment of national instincts through the medium of some organization such as the much- talked-of "League to Enforce Peace."

Tagore's literary fame, which in 1913 was publicly recognized by the award of the Nobel Prize, is so great as to over-shadow that of his other attainments. He possesses unusual ability as a musician, and also devotes much of his time to the management of a boys' school which he has established in India and is conducting on principles of self-government similar to those of the George Junior Republic. The views of such a many-sided personality are certainly worth listening to, even if they do not coincide with those of our Occidental civilization.