Rifle Team Has Perfect Record

The University rifle team has this year maintained a perfect record in its matches, having won three straight. The total number of points scored has been small, but the team has shown a steady improvement. In the first match, the team defeated Columbia University by the small margin of four points, scoring 939. In this the team was third, in the field. The second was won by the score of 945 to 886 made by St. Thomas. Although an improvement was made, the University dropped two places in its standing in the whole class. In the third match the team made a decided gain, with a tally of 980 as against that of 954 made by Lehigh University, this total putting the University team at the head of the class. The men who scored for the University are as follows: W. S. Stearns '17 (capt.), L. Clark '16, D. Duncan '17, C. A. Coolidge '17, C. Patterson '16, R. Cobb '18, H. R. Guild '17.