News and Editorial Candidates Allowed to Report Wednesday Also.

One more editor will be elected to the business staff of the CRIMSON from the class of 1918 after a competition for that position, which will begin Wednesday evening at 7 o'clock. The work of the candidates will consist mainly of soliciting advertisements under the supervision of the business manager. Many of the accounts will be assigned so that the work will be much easier than in former years.

This competition affords all students an exceptionally good chance to gain business experience before leaving college, and would prove especially advantageous to those who are to enter upon a business career.

A second call is made for all Juniors, Sophomores or Freshmen who desire to compete for the editorial or news staffs. The editorial competition will be open only to Juniors; the candidates for the news end can be either Sophomores or Freshmen. This second competition will also begin Wednesday evening.

All candidates for the business, editorial, or news staff should report at the CRIMSON office, 14 Plympton street, on Wednesday at 7 o'clock.