The Pi Eta Society has announced the dates for its annual show, "The Lady Decides." The first performance, March 15, will be for graduates only. This is its regular Graduates Night. Two public productions will follow at the Club theatre, on March 16 and 24. Between its first and last public performance in Cambridge, "The Lady Decides" will be shown at Quincy March 17, at Andover March 18, at Salem March 22, and at Boston March 23.

"The Lady Decides" is a three-act musical comedy. The book is by J. W. D. Seymour '17 and W. L. Munro, Jr. '16, lyrics by P. S. Davison '16, music by O. A. Gundlach '17. The plot of the piece, stronger than that of the usual musical comedy, follows the adventures and misadventures of a young couple who, after exciting adventures on a summer night are put into a deep hypnotic sleep by a jealous and very wealthy Indian prince. One hundred years later the pair are awakened by a Hindoo Swami, a son of the jealous prince. They awake to see a changed world. Woman has attained her desired supremacy and man in consequence is relegated to a humble position in society. Eventually the confusing situation clarifies and everyone is happy.

In the altered relations of the two sexes in the play there are many opportunities for the female impersonators of the Society to don grotesque clothes and to work themselves into humorous situations.

Preceding the performance of the comedy itself, J. W. D. Seymour '17 will give a one-act farce, entitled, also, "The Lady Decides." The performers will sit as an audience to the skit, which will treat in a pleasant way the amusing side of Boston society.

The cast is as follows:

Jack Coyne, millionaire,  J. S. Pfaffmann '17Hiram Coggins,Hindoo Swami,  J. W. D. Seymour '17Maharajah of Gwalion,Daisy Dorynne, comic opera star,Dottie Coggins,  W. L. Munro, Jr. '16Prof. Percy I. Sawyer,  J. B. Burnham '17Miss B. Manly,  E. M. Ellsworth '17Anstruther, a butler,  W. F. Williams '18Hollis Park, a manager,  F. E. Raymond '18Mrs. Hiram Coggins,  A. H. Hayden '18Picklin Chapford, a movie magnate,  J. Cooper '18M. Bornpoint, proprietor of the Playtime Inn,  A. N. Colton '16A waiter,  F. P. Coolidge '1