Weight of University Crew Approximates That of Last Year.--Parson Out With Cold.

Had the University crews been able to get in the water yesterday, it would have been the latest date for the first open water in the history of University rowing. All records are broken now for continuous indoor practice, and from the present weather conditions, it seems as though that record will be set much further.

The only change in yesterday's practice was in University A. K. B. G. Parson '16 was out with a cold, and M. Taylor '18 substituted for him, also rowing his own position on University B.

Rules of training went into effect yesterday, but these are of a mild type, and only last until April when strict training begins.

Some average weights were computed yesterday, and in the case of the University crew, these run about the same as last year, University A, as it rowed yesterday, had an average of 170 2-3 pounds; University B had an average of 182 1-2 pounds. The first Freshman crew as it rowed yesterday was 170 2-3 in average weight, the same as University A, but this is much below the 1918 crew's average weight which almost reached the 180 mark.