Student Council Approved Appointments of Several Managers.

At a meeting of the Student Council yesterday evening, the awarding of swimming insignia to members of this year's swimming team was refused. While insignia will not be granted to the team as a whole, it may later be given to the individual members.

The swimming situation was turned into a general discussion of minor sports, in some of which the training and the rules for awarding insignia were lax. Consequently, the Student Council empowered the president to appoint a committee to investigate these affairs, and to report on them at the next meeting.

A suggestion was also made to the Library Committee of the Union that they recommend the Administrative Board of the College to drop those men found mutilating the books in the Union.

Several managers were appointed, subject to the approval of the Athletic Committee. Louis Hasbrouck Bevier '17, of Brooklyn, N. Y., was appointed manager of the boxing team, and Alpheus Montague Geer '18, of Nutley, N. J., assistant manager. Grant Hyde Code '18, of Pittsburg, Pa., was made manager of the fencing team.

The question of compulsory membership to the Union was put over until the next meeting. A committee was appointed to investigate the standardization of hat-bands.