Training of Aviators Object

Graduate contributions for the benefit of the Harvard Flying Corps, received by Dr. Seabury W. Allen '91, 20 Charles River square, Boston, will be used generally "for starting an aviation school for training military aviators" and not, as was previously announced in the CRIMSON, "only to purchase the actual service equipment of the corps." An active campaign to interest graduates in the Harvard Clubs of the country in making such contributions has already begun.

That the graduates are interested in the Flying Corps may be seen by the fact that in a letter to Mr. Curtis, P. W. Thomson '02, Secretary of the Harvard Club of Boston, writes that "several graduates have asked if there would be opportunity for them to serve in the Flying Corps. A very large number of men here in the Club would welcome any opportunity to serve in an organization like yours."

Graduates will be allowed to join the Corps as well as men still in college.